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Atmospheric Laboratory Jig Dyeing Machine is suitable to test the dyeing of cotton and linen cloth, viscose, man-made fiber, etc., and suitable for dye material, such as direct dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, insoluble azo dyes, and reactive dyes, etc. This apparatus can achieve bleaching and dyeing with low-liquor ratio, simulates as nearly as possible the mechanism of production jigs.


• Operating Interface: Color touch screen man-machine interface, operate easily, programmable function, presetting dyeing technics for customer;

• Constant Fabric Speed: Adopt advanced electronic encode control speed technology to precise control of cloth speed, and maintains a constant cloth speed real-timely;

• Temperature Control and Monitor: Adopt out-heating technology,avoid heating unevenness, automatic temperature control system monitors dyes solution’s temperature accurately, and display the temperature on panel digitally;

• Fabric Tension: Exert tension on cloth by adjusting different linear speeds of two main rollers, and maintain constant tension, tension value direct input by color touch screen, adjusts speed automatically;

• Motor: 2 sets 120W precision-controlled motors, and equipped with high quality reducer;

• Controller: Industrial Programmable Logic Controller(PLC), high reliability, and advanced anti-interference ability;

• Structural Design: Modular design, convenient for precision production and properties expanding, specially designed cloth-leading structure, facilitate and smart, easy to install and dismantle;

• Dye Vat: Imported SUS304 stainless steel, avoid rust, durable; ladder structure, consume small quantity dyes solution;

• Dyes Solution Cycle Mode: Auto-stirring, keep dyes solution evenness;

• Winding Length: Automatically records, pre-settable, measurable and controllable;

• Alternating Direction: Reverse automatically according to cloth length and number of cycles;

• Timing: Adjustable, end of cycle alarm.


Key Specifications

l         Roller Diameter                                                                               76mm~ 200mm;

l         Roller Width                                                                                      ≤350mm;

l         Main Roller Distance                                                                       380mm;

l         Speed Range and accuracy                                                           0~10m/min, ±0.001 m/min;

l         Heating temperature and accuracy   room temperatur             e~98℃, ±2℃;

l         Heater Power                       <1.2kW;

l         Liquor Volume                         about 1.8 liter ;

l         Electric Load                            about 1.5kW;

l         Power Supply                          220V, 1 phase, 50Hz;

l         Dimensions                            810mm×720mm×900mm(L×W×H);

l         Weight                                      about 45kg.


 Mechanic Configurations

• Transmission System: Equipped with 2 sets of precision control motor, and high quality reducer, two main   roller, receive roller and release roller ,controlled separately;

• Dye vat, cover, main roller, leading roller are made by stainless steel, whole machine is produced by fine workmanship.

Electrical Configurations

• Displayer: Electric color touch screen;

• Controller: Industrial Programmable Logic Controller(PLC);

• Cooling and Heating Methods: 1 set cooling coil, digital automatic temperature control system.





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