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MU505A Vertical pneumatic (MU505B Horizontal Pneumatic) heavy duty padder is suitable as dyeing and finishing padding mangle. The pressure transmission can be applied by means of pneumatic cylinder.  

Nowadays customer requires not only the precise color but also the good hand-feeling of the finished goods. With this device, you could get the high repeatability sample by simulating the real production environment; with it, you also can develop the value added and add functions of fabrics like fireproofing, dust-resistant, oil-resistant, water-repellent, breathable etc., to develop new business, new benefits and improve competitiveness of the products.


# Cloth speed controlled by inverter from 0-10m/min

NBR rubber is applied for coating roll, excellent erode-resistance, long life-time

#  Two separate disc-shaped pneumatic cylinders control each end of roller to keep uniform pressure for whole rollers.

#  Polishing stainless steel surface, easy to clean and good appearance

#  Removable liquor tank

#  Equip with cleaning spray gun, clean the padder expediently 

#  Laboratory standard compressed air supply required.


• Roller width                                                       450mm

• Roller diameter                                                125mm

• Rubber hardness                                             70-800shore

• The max reading of piezometer                     0.6MPa

•  Precision of pressure-regulating valve       0.01Mpa

• Retained dyestuff ratio                                    40-80%

• Cloth speed                                                      0-10m/min

• Power supply                                                   Ac220V, 50Hz, 370W

• Instrument size                                               800×600×1250mm

• Instrument weight                                         150kg





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